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Cool Summer Items You Can Buy Online
COOL SUMMER ITEMS YOU CAN BUY ONLINESummertime is slowly rolling in and you’d be lying if you say that you’re not thinking about your next beach trip right now. Everybody loves the summer season, weather you’re going to the nearest beach or going up the cold mountains to hike, there’s a lot of summer activities in-store for you this season.   If you’re looking for some ideas to make your next trip to the beach with your family and friends more memorable, check out these cool beach essentials you can bring on your trip:   Don’t you just hate it when the towels you use at the beach are just SO small? Get yourself an oversized beach towel so you’re sure that you’re all covered up. Plus, you can also turn it into a picnic or beach mat perfect for sunbathing.   Giant pizza floaters that you can lay on by the pool? Yes please! Lounge on a giant pizza float all afternoon under the hot sun. Not for too long though, too much sun is bad for the skin.   Think inflatables but you can eat on them. Awesome right? Keep food and beverages within arm’s reach with a food bar inflatable. Now you don’t even have to get up from the pool to get food and drinks!   Since we’re on a roll with awesome and cool inflatables, here’s another one you should definitely add on your to-buy list. This inflatable beer pong not only allows you to play pong in the pool but it can keep your beverages cold as well. It’s thick and durable so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just have fun!   This summer, we’re all about waterproof-everything! Listen to your favorite summer tunes while lounging at the pool or taking a quick dip at the beach. Another bonus is you get to keep your iPad or phones inside the case, without having to worry about getting your gadgets wet and ruining them.   Wouldn’t it be nice if you can just put and organize all your picnic stuff in one big bag? Well now you definitely can! You can now neatly organize your utensils, condiments, food containers, and even wine coolers in this picnic basket backpack. Best thing about it is it’s also big enough to carry all the food that you will bring while keeping it fresh.   We know it sounds silly at first, but seriously, who likes wet pizza right? Place your pizza so you can walk around freely by the pool, or you can even take a dip, without having to worry about eating wet pizza slices.   Before planning any out of town trips, you’ll have to do a little grocery shopping for all the food and drinks you’re gonna be bringing. If you don’t want to worry about bringing a lot of bags, you should definitely get yourself a grocery grip. It’s a hands-free and secure way to carry your groceries anywhere. Plus, it’s not just for groceries. You can definitely use it  anywhere if you have lots of bags with you.   An apron that can hold beers, cooking utensils, and condiments? Sign us up! Now you don’t have to worry about going around the house looking for things that you might need while cooking cause guess what? They’ll be ON you already.   Bumper balls are recreational activities that can be enjoyed by all ages. Let kids or adults roll around and enjoy a little competition with these things. One thing’s for sure, everyone will surely have fun!  

Are these things not locally available to you? Don’t worry cause they are all available at www.amazon.com. What’s best is you don’t have to worry on shipping it from the US because Johnny Air Plus can do that for you easily!

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IATA RATE 1 USD = 53.47 Php as of AUGUST 19, 2019