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Most Common Causes of Delay in Shipment
Most Common Causes of Delay in Shipment It is obvious that there are numerous packages being delivered each day. Though there are many automation machines and processes involved in the industry of shipping, there are still complications and mistakes that can affect the delivery of the packages. One of the many cases of these complications is having delayed deliveries. There are many factors that can cause delayed deliveries, and we listed the most common ones down below in order for you to have a better grasp once you made your orders.

1. Incomplete Address

The most common of having delayed deliveries is the incomplete addresses that are sometimes provided by the customers. When a courier driver tries to deliver the package to an address which is incomplete or mistaken, a new attempt of delivery will not be made unless the customer gives the complete and necessary details of his or her address. This results into a new processing of order and delivery.

2. Weather Complications

Spontaneous and unpredictable weather patterns can also affect the completion of deliveries. With this in mind, having bad weather can result in blockage of roads or slowing down of transit. Since this is beyond the control of the courier driver and shipping company, the delay of deliveries is inevitable.

3. Package Redirection

Sometimes, there are those customers who want to change their shipping address at the last minute. In relation, it is important to understand that requesting for a new shipping address or package redirection will lead to different delivery time and schedule. Hence, it can cause a delay in delivery from the initial schedule that you are probably expecting.

4. Maintenance Work Around the Delivering Location

It is important to consider that maintenance work and renovations around many areas are possible. Though this is not the most common cause of having delayed deliveries, maintenance around the area or building makes it hard for courier drivers to complete any delivery.

5. Difficult Access on the Shipping Locations

Shipping addresses that are hard to find or are far away from the center of a city or region can expect a delay in their deliveries. It is important to understand that carrier drivers will have a harder time to access those locations and may delay delivery time.

Considering these factors, it is essential to be aware of them and get an understanding of how you can avoid your package deliveries being delayed. A trusted courier service like Johnny Air Plus lets your deliveries be processed quickly and on-time. Let us help you with your delivery needs!

For more info, you may contact us at (718) 371 – 9870 or visit our website at https://johnnyairplus.com/newyork/

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IATA RATE 1 USD = 53.47 Php as of AUGUST 19, 2019