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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop From the US

Living in a third-world country really does come with disadvantages. And I am not only talking about technology, poverty, and political issues,  I am also referring to the inconvenience of shopping!

Here are 5 reasons why you should skip the traditional shopping basket when buying imported goods, and opt for an online cart straight from the USA instead:


If you are also a person with a specific taste, you may have experienced jumping from one mall to another looking for that item you’ve been eyeing, only to find out that it is not available here in the Philippines yet.  Because, more often than not, international brands are only selling a limited range of their products here in our country, and when they do, it’s probably already out of trend. But, when you buy straight from US stores, you get to have first dibs on the latest items!


Shopping from US online stores offers you the privilege to choose from a wider range of products and variations from color, sizes, and styles. There’s no need to settle for a product as there are also a lot of manufacturers in the mix, so you can really choose which price point, benefits, and/or functions work best for you!


You may think you are saving money from buying imported goods from local retailers. But, the reality is?  Even with the shipping costs and taxes, it is still relatively cheaper to buy goods straight from the US rather than buying them from a local retailer. Plus, buying from US stores gives a feeling of assurance that what you’re getting is not a dupe!


“Made in the USA” has been the standard for excellent craftsmanship and quality. And because of stricter quality-control laws, shops are required to deliver what has been promised from their sites. In addition, US online shops show ratings and reviews from other consumers who also bought the same product to reduce the risks of scams and defective items. A well-rated store can give you the confidence that you are getting your money’s worth.


Shopping online saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to walk along the aisles of stores just to search for products anymore. Or better yet, you don’t have to fly to the USA anymore just to buy that pair of shoes you’ve always wanted.  You just have to click “add-to-cart”, type your payment details, and voila! You’re done!  Especially with shipping companies like Johnny Air Plus, where you can use our US offices as an address, and we’ll take care of delivering your item to you in the Philippines.

The Internet has made shopping from international brands easier. If I were you, I’d stop waiting for that bag of goodies to be available here in our country and just buy it straight from a USA online store instead.

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