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Awesome Christmas Gifts You Can Buy in the US

The holiday season is just around the corner and everybody’s about to get busy soon especially with gift shopping. You want your gift to be unique and a symbol of love to show how special these people are in your life. But with all the amazing products that came out this year, it’s so difficult to find the perfect gift. Not to mention the stress christmas shopping brings especially with everyone trying to buy gifts all at the same time.

But don’t fret, we’re here to help ease out your Christmas shopping with a list of great items to give in a much more convenient way- online shopping in the US! This way, you get to give unique gifts minus the stress.

1. Apple Watch Series 4

Anything Apple makes is probably a good gift idea but the Apple Watch Series 4 is one Apple product that will never go out of style. With it’s sleek design and wide array of features, it can be enjoyed by all ages.

2. Charging hub

Got an apple fanatic amongst your group of friends then this would be the perfect gift to give them. A 3-in-1 charging hub for all your Apple devices is a gift that’s definitely unique and useful. It’s sleek and minimalist design is timeless and can easily blend in any space. The price isn’t too crazy as well! This one’s definitely a hit.

3. Marshall Kilburn || Portable Bluetooth Speakers

A portable bluetooth speaker with a classic design, the Marshall Kilburn II speakers is one that a younger sibling, cousin, or niece might get to enjoy. It has enhanced features like water resistance so you can bring it anywhere without the fear of breaking it easily. Also perfect to give to someone who likes to travel and is always on the go. Shop it now in Amazon US to get amazing discounts.

4. Nutribullet Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Blender

The Nutribullet blender is a product  that one will be able to enjoy for a long period of time as it is something that you can use on a daily basis. Not to mention, it has an amazing bluetooth feature that allows you to connect your blender through an app on your phone, and from there, it can detect the right nutritional value that you need. This would make the perfect gift for a health-conscious friend or family member, or even for yourself!

5. Omni Charge Battery Pack

Since we’re all about giving unique and special gifts, this one definitely takes it out of the park! The Omni Charge Battery Park is unlike any other power banks. It can charge not just your phone, but also your laptop and camera! This is the perfect gift to give someone who likes to work remotely or travel a lot.

Christmas shopping can take a lot of your time and energy, and between the holiday parties and gatherings, honestly who has the time and energy to go out and shop? The best way to avoid the holiday stress is to buy your gifts online. No need to worry about the shipping from abroad as Johnny Air Plus can help you with that.

Visit for more information on how to shop and ship from the US.

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