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Online Shopping Tips You Need to Know

Online shopping is definitely at its peak as more and more brands are investing into having their own e-commerce sites or getting their products on online retail websites like Ebay and Amazon.

With convenience at its topmost benefit, online shopping saves you from the hassle of going out and braving the Metro’s traffic, to long queues and parking fees in shopping malls.

To help you navigate and maximize your online shopping experience, here are some cool tips and tricks that you need to know:

Look out for free shipping

Some online marketplaces offer free delivery for transactions reaching a certain basket size. Make sure to get your eye on those free shipping icons or notifications.

Shop at the right day

While it may seem fun to shop online on a slow Sunday afternoon at home, don’t click on the “checkout” button just yet. Some marketplaces pick some days where they release various discounts, promos, or even giveaways. It is usually best to shop during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Sign up for newsletters

While most of us would hesitate on another newsletter subscription, online shopping sites are generally known to offer valuable perks to their subscribers. Most online websites and ecommerce apps offer discounts on your first transaction, as well as exclusive access to seasonal and special promotions.

Use a credit card over a debit card

Shopping through your credit card is much more efficient and safer. It is easier to get refunds through credit cards than debit cards so this is a definite choice for those who are very picky with the items that they shop online and are prone to returning items. Shop easier online with these simple hacks! Enjoy hassle-free shopping from your favorite US online stores and conveniently shipping it to the Philippines with Johnny Air Plus!

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