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Here’s Why You Should Choose Johnny Air Plus for US Shipping to Philippines

Shipping to Philippines for Filipinos in the US

With the estimated four (4) million Filipinos currently residing in America—it is common knowledge that most of them have their loved ones left in the Philippines.Hence, as a means of sending their love to these most treasured family members and friends, aside from depending on money transfer services such as banks, local offices, and agencies, Filipino workers in the US are also in dire need of a reliable shipping company for their packages.

Shipping to Philippines for Filipino Shoppers Online

Other than these millions of Filipino immigrants, the same need also exists for Filipino citizens here in the Philippines who are looking for an affordable yet efficient shipping company that could send their online purchases from the world’s favorite stores such as Amazon and eBay located in US to their homes in the Philippines.That is because, although the country has its stores that incorporate products from international brands including those from US, there are still a lot of things that only these world’s infamous shopping websites uniquely have.

Why Shop in Amazon?

If you are looking for a competitive pricing and millions of products from a variety of sellers to choose from, look no more! With Amazon’s almost 200 million monthly website visitors, this online shopping indeed is worthy for its nickname as the ‘greatest ecommerce platform in the US’. In fact, billions of Amazon items are shipped across the globe annually. Certainly, you could be one of them in no time.

Why Shop in eBay?

Setting aside the convenience, speed, and easiness of shopping in eBay, the greatest thing about eBay is that it is totally different from traditional retailer online shops. Hence, it offers a wider range of products that are made available by all kinds of sellers one can find in the market. One more unique thing about eBay is that it is an online auction website! How more thrilling an online shopping experience could be!

To ensure a positive experience in any online shops in US, shipping and handling must be acknowledged to a considerable extent. In fact, shipping and handling is a deal breaker, the game changer- and when you’re sending a package from US to the Philippines, you should only rely on the trusted ones. Here is where Johnny Air Plus enters the scene. To help you understand more the details how you could make your online shopping experience stress-free, here are some facts that you should know about Johnny Air Plus.

JOHNNY AIR: Quick Facts for FAQs

  • What is Johnny Air Plus?

“You shop, we ship.”Johnny Air is a growing global transport and logistics company that focuses on shipping your packages to you or your loved ones in the Philippines as you purchase from any online shopping store in the US such as Amazon and eBay.Johnny Air Plus is utmost known for its unparalleled commitment in its diligent pursuit for improving the convenience of shipping and handling necessities of, commonly, Filipino online shoppers.

  • Is Johnny Air reliable?

One of the main reasons for you to trust Johnny Air is that this company is recognized for its specialization on making international shipments stress-free, accessible, and affordable for every individual and business in the US and the Philippines.

  • US shipping to Philippines, how should I do it using Johnny Air Plus?(See infographic below)

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