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How to Use the Updated Package Tracker of Johnny Air Plus

Here we will be providing an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how you can maximize the made-more-efficient tracker of the most trusted courier for everyone’s US to Philippines shipping needs. 

As Johnny Air Plus is ever committed to fulfilling its promise of convenience and efficiency to its clients, the trusted shipping company has now developed an ultimately better and much-improved tracker system! 

With this new tracker, you shall receive real-time & more accurate updates regarding the status of your package. Now, you can be more than confident that your package is handled safely and efficiently by the best shipping company for your US to Philippines shipping needs. 

Also, if you want to search for a quick update on your package, you can simply visit, input your tracking number on the upper right side of your screen, and voila! There you go.

For further assistance, you can visit Johnny Air Plus Facebook or Instagram page and leave a message on our beyond responsive Kuya Johnny chatbot there.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can use the new tracker to ensure an ultimate stress-free shipping experience with Johnny Air Plus. 

How to Use the Johnny Air Plus Tracker?

  1. Sign up or log in on your  Johnny Air Plus Tracker account found at
  2. Activate your account via SMS or email.
  3. Send your parcel to our New York address (69-04 Roosevelt Avenue Woodside, NY 11377).
  4. Process your shipping by selecting the “Create Order” tab. Fill all details required.
  5.  Once Johnny Air Plus NY receives your package, details will be reflected on your Tracker Dashboard account.
  6. Further shipping updates of your status will be received via SMS or email.
  7. To pay, you can choose online payment or COD. 

If you have remaining questions you want to ask that may or may not be related with tracker—as long as it concerns your shipping experience with Johnny Air Plus, feel free to leave a message on our Facebook page. 

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