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Top 5 Excellent Insider Tricks for Shopping & Shipping from US Online Stores

Become a shopping & shipping expert by taking these strategies into practice! Click here for tips & tricks for shopping and shipping from US to Philippines. 

Previously, we have discussed the basics when it comes to shopping and shipping from US to Philippines. However, on this blog, we will be exploring further tips & tricks on how you can make the most out of your US to Philippines shopping & shipping experience. 

Here at Johnny Air Plus, we also want your shopping experience to be maximized to the possible best. Hence, in this blog we have included the list of shopping hacks you won’t find anywhere else. 

With that said, to help you have stress-free shopping and shipping from US to Philippines, here are some exceptional tips & tricks that are sure to maximize the thrill & benefits of your purchasing experience!

1. Utilize the power of Google searches to find cheaper offers.

It is possible that what brought you to the online shopping store you’re visiting now was due to a sponsored post you may have seen on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platforms. However, before fully succumbing to that advertisement you have seen somewhere, we are encouraging you to do a quick Google search of the product you’ve been eyeing on Google first.

To do this, you just add the word “cheapest” before the product name, include USA at the end (because we would want to limit your searches to relevant results only) and voila! Here goes possibly tens of other cheaper options for you. Visit each of these sites for the product reviews and see which of them would be the best buy for you!

2. Check for coupons, promotional offers, or discount codes online. You can also try joining the newsletter if you’re shopping from a new store! 

You can either visit the store and see first if your seller is offering some vouchers or do a quick Google search and see if there are any ongoing sales or offered coupons that fit your desired product.

Also, one habit that you might benefit a lot from is exploring and shopping from different online stores! This way, you get to sign up on their newsletter, and most of the time, you can score a big discount for your purchase or coupon code you can use for your birthday!

3. Immediately use filters before browsing to save time. 

What’s your budget? What’s the size of the item you’re looking for? Are you trying to find a product under this specific brand only? Then find your desired product by using filters!

4. Sign up on their website updates or newsletter for some “surprising” free vouchers.

Once you think you’ve already found the best online store to shop, here goes the next step: Sign up, log in, add to cart the items that you want, then leave it for some time.

Once you get back, you might be surprised to receive a voucher or a promo code!

5. Trust your package only with service providers with professional-looking websites, regularly updated social media accounts, and (ideally) is a player in the industry for at least a decade-long. 

Brand authority online speaks a lot about how much one can trust a shipping company. As we acknowledge the value of your time, your package, and every penny you spend on shipping costs, we are encouraging you to be a bit more critical on the shipping company that you are choosing to trust. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for a courier for shipping from US to Philippines, you might want to check Johnny Air Plus. You can also check out Johnny Air Plus’ Facebook and Instagram account to also see what people have to say about this renowned USA to Philippines shipping service provider. 

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