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Here Are the 7 Best Items to Purchase from U.S. to Philippines for Reselling

Wondering what are the products you can shop from U.S. stores that can lead you to earn the biggest amount of profit possible? Here we go! 

Wondering how you can maximize your U.S. to Philippines shopping and shipping? Here we have compiled the best items that you can purchase from U.S. to Philippines. However, it must be noted that there are limitations set to shipping such items internationally. To know more about this, we recommend that you contact your preferred package forwarder or U.S. to Philippines courier company. 

For efficient, secured, and affordable shipping, we recommend Johnny Air Plus. Visit their site to have an idea of the excellent U.S. to Philippines shipping services that they do. 

Moving on, let’s keep the wheels rolling toward the main content of this blog! Here’s the list containing the best items you can purchase from U.S. to Philippines. 

Big mark-up when sold? Here are the best items to purchase from U.S. to Philippines for reselling

1. Smartphones and tablets 

It cannot be denied that there are numerous Filipinos who prefer purchasing a gadget merely for the appearance despite having a fake operating system running it—such as in the case of Apple’s iPhone. 

Despite that, there are also a lot of Filipino shoppers—especially those who “can afford”, who do not want to forsake the benefits of the original system just with the looks. Hence, opting for original iPhones—but still, (being the thrifty Filipino that they are) prefer to go for any possible cheaper options. 

Additionally, although lots of Filipino shoppers are now learning to purchase from international stores, it is in our culture that there are still many who prefer purchasing items from a fellow Filipino. This is where you come in. 

Now all that’s left for you is to connect with your preferred U.S. to Philippines shipping company and verify how many items are you allowed to ship for the gadget that you prefer. 

By finding the cheapest offer from any U.S. based seller/store you can find online and with the help of the right shipping company, surely, you can make a considerable profit out of this. 

2. Laptops and netbooks

Turn crisis into opportunity! Given the WFH and online schooling setup that is now enforced on almost all working Filipinos and Filipino students respectively, selling laptops and tablets that are purchased from the U.S. is surely a great option. 

Also, you must take note of how, lately, there has been an ongoing shortage of laptop and netbook stocks in the market. Such reduction can be attributed to the sudden rise in demand—which you can pretty much take advantage of. 

Such as in the case of smartphones and tablets, take note that these items along with the other ones in this list can be purchased for a limited number only. Hence, it is required for you to be creative and really persistent in finding the best U.S. seller/store where you can find the cheapest items. Also, as we have already mentioned, guarantee your package is in the right hands by trusting efficient and secured U.S. to Philippines shipping services only. 

Also, you can sell laptop accessories, for example, laptop skins. Especially as this accessory started to claim its fame again in the start of 2020. 

3. Clothes

Aren’t we at least all lowkey fans of designer clothing? Get high-end brands at cheaper prices when purchased from U.S. stores and get the chance to earn enough by selling these under reasonable prices!

4. Shoes

One of the most common requests for Filipinos who travel for leisure or work in the Philippines—shoes. Why? Guess. 

5. Jewelry

Women always want to be pretty—especially for themselves! With jewelry priced cheaper when bought from U.S. stores, this is now your chance to earn a profit while satisfying the demands of the Filipino women at the same time!

6. Dietary supplements

Especially noting the heavy influence of the Western culture, achieving the slim body has always been an issue to Filipinos. With that, you can use this as an opportunity to gain considerable profit while being able to provide your Filipino with better options when it comes to dietary supplements. 

7. Sporting Goods

Aren’t we sport lovers too? Satisfy the health and fitness-loving Filipinos by purchasing affordable sporting goods from the best U.S. online stores! Earn a lot on the side, too. 

Now that we have provided you the best items to purchase from U.S. to Philippines, we hope that you’ll soon make your move. Oh, and don’t forget—for all your commercial (as well as personal) shipping needs, trust only Johnny Air Plus!

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