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The Most Common U.S. to Philippines Shipping Issue & How to Avoid It

Is it your first-time shipping from U.S. to Philippines? Here are some helpful tips which can assist you on having your items shipped smoothly without the unnecessary hassle.

Primary rule of thumb you have to remember: Trust a more than a decade-old shipping company. to guarantee the security and safety of your package.

A shipping company’s years of service speaks a lot about their capacity and record which you should always be a must when it comes to shipping.

Additionally, make sure to choose a shipping company that prioritizes your convenience. Hence, once again, rely only on shipping companies like Johnny Air Plus– as proven by both shipping statistics and clients’ experiences, such consideration serves as the ultimate solution to avoid all the shipping issues you would never want to encounter. 

Now, let’s explore this worst U.S. to Philippines shipping issue and discover just how you can save yourself from the nightmares of it!  

The Ultimate-Worst Shipping Issue for U.S. to Philippines Shoppers: 

Competitive Shipping Costs in Exchange for a (Guaranteed) Secured Shipping

Choosing shipping companies that offer rates too low is commonly associated with horrible experiences of unexpectedly losing money due to being charged with hidden fees. However, the same weight of dilemma lies on the other side—as it “seems” that shoppers don’t have any other choice but to choose a company with high upfront shipping fees. 

But no, this is not the truth. Secured and efficient shipping can be affordable too—exactly as in the case of clients choosing Johnny Air Plus. 

What can you do?

First, you must be aware of how much, on average, should your shipping actually cost. After this, all that’s left is for you to find the perfect U.S. to Philippines courier company with a rate close to what you have found. 

For your benefit, know that Johnny Air Plus offers an estimation of their clients’ shipping fees you can find here. Hence, you can readily guarantee—with their beyond reasonable rates, that they are the right company for your U.S. to Philippines shipping needs. 

Lastly, to guarantee the overall trustworthiness of Johnny Air Plus services, know that this shipping company has been in the industry for around 30 successful years already; just what quality of service should you expect from such a pioneer company in shipping, right?

What are you waiting for? Be the next client who will leave a satisfied remark on our reviews page– shop and ship with Johnny Air Plus now!

Buying from Amazon? Here’s How You Can Ship Your Items from U.S. to Philippines

For items that Amazon does not ship directly from U.S. to Philippines, you can use a package forwarder’s help. Here you can find a step-by-step guide on how to use a package forwarder for your Amazon purchases. 

It’s true that Amazon directly ships from the Philippines, however, there is one persistent issue that worries most of the Filipino shoppers. Amazon allows U.S. to Philippines shipping only for selected items. 

Arguably, most of the Filipino shoppers opt shopping internationally due to the almost limitless options such as this global purchasing technology offers. However, given the shipping limitations set by Amazon as included above, the main point of shopping outside the country is basically dismissed. 

With that said, what do you think you should do if the item you’re eyeing on isn’t included in the items that Amazon directly ships to Philippines? 


It’s too early to lose hope. Now that online shopping has been a very prominent means of purchasing for everyone—especially Filipinos, there is a way, for sure, to satisfy your U.S. to Philippines shipping needs. 

Feeling giddy with the solution we are about to unveil? Here we go! 

Ship Your Items with The Help of Johnny Air Plus

Whether you require reliable U.S. to Philippines shipping for your personal or your commercial needs, a package forwarder like Johnny Air Plus can assure you to make your international shipments possible—and with ease. 

“Why should I choose Johnny Air Plus as my package forwarder for my U.S. to Philippines shipping needs?”

For secure, efficient, and affordable shipping, we are encouraging you to use Johnny Air Plus. 

To see how Johnny Air Plus clients are satisfied with the U.S. to Philippines delivery of their items, you can take a look at some of the reviews here

Also, Johnny Air Plus has now updated their tracking services. Hence, whatever issue others have experienced in relation to tracking their item, that is surely resolved now! 

Moreover, for 100% guaranteed hassle-free shipping service, we recommend you to use Johnny Air Plus’ New York address (69-04 Roosevelt Avenue Woodside, NY 11377).

To know more about Johnny Air Plus, find some US stores shopping recommendations, as well as see tips and links to discounts valid in the biggest online shops in the US, you can follow their FB and IG pages. 

How does using a package forwarder work?

Oh, a newbie to U.S. to Philippines shipping? We got you. 

1. Sign up or log in on the website of your trusted package forwarder– that’s Johnny Air Plus for you. Before inputting any information, make sure that the site you’re visiting is secured (although this is not really a thing to worry about with Johnny Air Plus as using this website is no doubt 100% safe). 

2. Finish setting up your details and find the U.S. (warehouse/main office) location of your package forwarder’s branch. Of course, for Johnny Air Plus, we are highly recommending you to use our New York branch as we have already mentioned above. 

You need the address pertained above as this will be the address you will be providing on your Amazon checkout page/address (personal) details.

3. Finish your transactions on the Amazon website. 

4. Sign up and register your package on Johnny Air Plus. 

5. Process your U.S. to Philippines shipping by creating a job order here. Provide all the required details. 

6. Pay with your preferred method. Under trusted shipping companies including Johnny Air Plus, you can opt to pay COD. However, if you don’t like paying cash, they accept credit card and PayPal payment, so no problem. 

7. Sit back and patiently wait for your item. You can track the progress of your shipping process through checking out your courier service either through the mail, by their social media account, or by simply using their site’s tracking system. 

Have fun shopping!

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