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What Are The Accepted Payment Options by Johnny Air Plus?

Wondering what are your payment options with Johnny Air Plus’ U.S. to Philippines shipping services? Let’s see!

To make things simpler for all Filipino shoppers out there, here we will answer the ultimate question most of you are asking: “Is Johnny Air Plus offering online payment options? How about in-bank transfer? Or COD?”

Introducing Johnny Air Plus 

With their clients’ convenience in mind, Johnny Air Plus offers a different option for addresses where the package can be sent—in New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco (additionally, this also means higher chances of acquiring further savings in shipping for their customers). 

However, at present- to guarantee maximized efficiency & safety in their services, we are highly recommending you to send your parcel into Johnny Air Plus’ New York address instead  (69-04 Roosevelt Avenue Woodside, NY 11377).

Also, they have a properly functioning tracking system. Your parcel can either be delivered straight to your door or picked up on their different branches in the country. 

Lastly, for those who are looking forward to shipping regularly, you might want to become one of their JAC Plus Loyalty cardholders. With such an option, you can avail rebates, earn points, get raffle entries, as well as easily access their option of Customer ICEBOX that lets you consolidate all your purchases into a single package. 

Available payment methods offered by Johnny Air Plus

First, they have online (and in-bank) options available via credit card and PayPal. 

Oh, and most importantly, they are offering Cash on Delivery (COD)!

At present, among all U.S. to Philippines shipping companies, only Johnny Air Plus is offering this set of flexible payment options- especially COD. That’s how confident Johnny Air Plus is with the satisfaction and top-tier convenience that it brings to its clients. A mark of a decade-trusted service, you can say. 

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