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Tech Guide: What You Need to Know About Buying Electronics Overseas

Looking into buying a new gadget or upgrading your home electronics? Let us help you score the best buys and deals with this ultimate guide to buying electronics overseas. Take heed of these tips to ensure better and more informed purchasing decisions to further enjoy your US shopping experience. 

When it comes to electronics, purchasing overseas may not be your first instinct —and we couldn’t agree more! Did you know that you could actually save a lot more money purchasing the latest gadgets in the US? You get to save more than 20% on taxes, conversion fees, and shipping rates!

With Johnny Air Plus, shipping from US to Philippines has been very convenient and secured. You can now get the latest gadgets you want from the US straight to your doorstep and save money while you’re at it. 

The Benefits of Buying Electronics Overseas


Electronics are cheaper overseas than they are in the Philippines, mainly because the prices spike up after adding local tax rates and shipping fees. Gadgets are sold at a much cheaper price and have a lesser expected profit margin in countries like the United States, Japan, and Malaysia. 

If you purchase your electronics from overseas, you don’t have to worry about the added costs. You will just have to pay for the product’s SRP, plus Johnny Air Plus’ very affordable shipping fees. Get a free quotation when you visit our website. 

No more waiting for local release

Electronic brands always release their products in their home markets first. That’s why we often get the last dibs when it comes to the latest gadgets. Take for example the fact that the iPhone 12 was already released in the U.S., but it can take a few more months before they arrive in the Philippines. 

If you’re a hardcore tech fan, you can get the latest electronics before they’re even released in the Philippines if you purchase overseas. Check out our list of shopping websites to score great deals for the upcoming Cyber Monday sale!

Things to Consider Before Buying Electronics Overseas

Buying gadgets and tech overseas does come with its benefits. But before you add items to your cart and make a purchase, take a step back and consider a few things:


While most electronic brands have international warranties, it’s good practice to check the terms before purchasing overseas. 

Check to see if the warranty is accepted by local manufacturers in your area. Also, take note of the period of the warranty, as some electronics can offer, for instance, a 5-year warranty in the place where they were purchased, but only a 1-year international warranty. 


Also worth considering are the accessories that you would likely be purchasing for your electronic device. Some overseas gadgets sell accessories exclusively, so they may not be available in the Philippines. 


Probably the biggest concern people have about purchasing overseas is how they’re going to ship the product from the US to the Philippines. But you can enjoy stress-free shipping with Johnny Air Plus

Shipping from US to Philippines is as easy as shopping from any US website, setting the shipping address to the Johnny Air US hub, wait, and receive your package in any Johnny Air Plus branches

Check out our tips on knowing the best time to shop online!

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