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Boxing Day: A Major Shopping Extravaganza

The Christmas joys don’t end on December 25. You still have another holiday to celebrate — the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is a major shopping extravaganza all around the globe. Here’s what you can expect, plus some of the best Boxing Day deals in the continental US.

Just when you thought Christmas was over, you wake up to a new, special holiday! Every year, on December 26, countries the world over celebrate Boxing Day.

Boxing Day has become a major commercial event, with people splurging on Christmas items and amazing deals. If you want to bring a bit of that Boxing Day high to your Christmas haul, Johnny Air Plus is always happy to help you ship from the US to the Philippines.

What is Boxing Day?

This day-after-Christmas holiday was first celebrated in the UK, where the British would box up gifts to donate to the less fortunate, so that they too can experience the joy of Christmas. The custom originates from the working class tradition of coming home to one’s family the day after Christmas with boxes of goods, gifts, and bonuses from their employers.

As the tradition spread to other countries, Boxing Day came to mean different things to different people. Now, it is also observed in some parts of the United States as a celebration of cardboard boxes. In the US, Boxing Day is a form of appreciation, looking at empty gift boxes and appreciating the presents received during the holidays.

What happens in the US on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day has evolved to become a major post-holiday shopping extravaganza in the United States. It’s typically this time of year when a record number of shoppers flock to malls or e-commerce platforms to get the best deals on Christmas gifts. In fact, some even hold off buying Christmas presents for their loved ones until the Boxing Day sale. 

Retailers to Watch for Boxing Day Deals

Want to celebrate and splurge on Boxing Day? Here are some US e-commerce platforms where you can get the best deals and huge discounts.

  1. Nordstrom 
    Nordstrom is a luxury store in America with an e-commerce platform where you can find a diverse range of Christmas treats for yourself and for your loved ones. Shop for accessories, clothing, bags, footwear, jewelry, beauty and skin products, and more on Boxing Day 2020.
  2. Bluefly
    Bluefly is a premium online shopping destination, offering huge discounts on items from luxury brands like Cashmere, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Valentino, and more. On Boxing Day, you can expect up to 70% off on luxury items.
  3. Amazon 
    As the largest e-commerce platform, Amazon is not going to lag behind when it comes to Boxing Day deals. You can expect huge discounts on your favorite items the day after Christmas.
  4. Walmart
    On Boxing Day, Walmart is expected to have up-for-grabs deals on tech and gadgets, toys, and more. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to finally get that new iPad or computer monitor for your work-from-home needs. Read our tech guide to help you make the best decisions when buying electronics overseas. 
  5. Apple Store
    Apple surprised everyone with remarkable discounts on Boxing Day 2019, and this year, retailers are gearing up to drop prices on various Apple devices and accessories. 

Boxing Day 2020 is highly anticipated to be a huge shopping day that consumers, not only in the US, but also in the Philippines are bound to enjoy! You can join the holiday cheers and grab the best deals the day after Christmas. 

Read our guide on insider tricks for shopping and shipping from US online stores to help you through your Boxing Day shopping spree. 

Partner up with Johnny Air Plus to help with your shipping from the US to the Philippines. Visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates. 

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