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The Best US Sites to Score Great Deals This Holiday Season

Looking to do your Christmas shopping online? There’s no better place for great deals and discounts than US e-commerce sites! Here are the best sites where you can score amazing deals this holiday season.

When it comes to shopping sprees, there’s no better place for awesome deals and great products than the US! Luckily, there’s a myriad of e-commerce sites for you to do your Christmas shopping and score great deals and discounts!

Here are the best US sites that are gearing up to offer remarkable deals this holiday season. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to do some shopping! And when you’re done adding to your cart, reach out to Johnny Air Plus to help you with shipping from US to Philippines

  1. Amazon 
    Of course, Amazon tops this list, considering that it’s the biggest and most popular e-commerce site not only in the US but all around the world. There’s a whole pool of products to buy on Amazon, whether you’re looking for home appliances and furniture, electronics and gadgets, toys, goods — whatever you can think of! 
    Plus, Amazon is one to spearhead shopping extravaganzas where you can get more than 50% off on your favorite items! Some notable Amazon events and sales to look out for this year are: 

    ● December 19-23, 2020: Fab Phone Fest (Up to 40% off on smartphones)
    ● December 24-26, 2020: Big Accessories Heist (Up to 70% off on fashion accessories)
    ● December 24-26, 2020: Accessories Fest
    ● December 24-28, 2020: End of Season Sale and Boxing Day Sale (Up to 70% off across all categories)

    Amazon is also very coupon friendly, which means you can obtain discounts and promo codes to save more — while splurging!
  2. Walmart
    Walmart has been one of the longest-reigning retail stores in the US. Aside from department stores and grocery stores, Walmart also operates an e-commerce platform featuring great household items and lifestyle products at affordable price points. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find whatever you’re looking for at the world’s largest retail corporation. 

    Walmart has a knack for offering hot deals on a vast array of different items. This holiday season, they have over 50% discounts on gift items, as well as coupons and promo codes so you can save more money shopping for Christmas presents! 
  3. Target
    If you’re familiar with American culture, then you know that Target has always been a household name. Everyone loves shopping at Target stores, thanks to amazing deals and discounts on items, whether home appliances, decor pieces, clothing, or gadgets. 

    While many people flock to physical stores and come home with dozens of plastic bags after a Target haul, Target is also a go-to e-commerce site for avid shoppers because of their Daily Deals. Every day, Target drops prices for a unique range of products — it’s a different surprise each day! The Christmas season is also a special time for Target, and for you, that means great discounts all season long. 

You’re probably already browsing these sites in search of amazing deals and discounts. And you’re right on time — this is usually when year-end sales happen! But before you start shopping, read our tips and tricks for shopping and shipping from US online stores to help make the process seamless! 

With Johnny Air Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping from the US to the Philippines. We’ve got all the hard stuff covered! Learn more about how to ship with us. Visit our website and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated. 

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