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Top Seven U.S. Shopping Sites You Should Be Browsing Now!

Great products and good deals are flooding these U.S. shopping sites. Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest trending items at the lowest prices! Browse the top seven U.S. shopping sites now and partner up with Johnny Air Plus to ship from the U.S. to the Philippines! 

Since the boom of e-commerce, numerous online shopping sites rose to fame thanks to their wide array of trendy, must-have items at fair price points. Today, there are between 12 to 14 million e-commerce sites across the world, with more being created everyday. The U.S.A. in particular, has always been a front-runner when it comes to the leading shopping sites — which means you have a lot of options! 

We’ve narrowed down the top seven U.S. shopping sites with amazing products and great deals dropping each day. These platforms, in particular, are where you can find all sorts of products, ranging from electronics and gadgets, home appliances, books, apparel, accessories, and more! Here, you can even find new items to resell in the Philippines! The possibilities are limitless!

You wouldn’t want to miss out! Start browsing these U.S. shopping sites, add to your cart, and partner up with Johnny Air Plus to make shipping from the U.S.A. to the Philippines a breeze! 

  1. Amazon
    The biggest online shopping site in the world, Amazon has a whole arsenal of hot items you can choose from. In fact, there are millions of different products offered by a wide range of sellers, so you can find the best prices and deals for absolutely anything you’re looking for. 

    With their reputation as an e-commerce giant, Amazon also makes sure that you have a convenient and hassle-free shopping experience. They have very dependable and easy services, not to mention frequent price drops and sale events. 
  2. eBay
    If you’re looking for trending or collectible items for less, eBay is your one-stop shop. This shopping site features a lot of different services, from auctions to brand-new bargains. They even have daily deals where a plethora of different sorts of products drops over 50% off. 

    It’s definitely the best shopping site to browse if you want to splurge on new gadgets, home tools, toys, and more — for less. And if you want to save some more, read our insider tricks for shopping and shipping
  3. Target
    Target is a staple in U.S. households, thanks to their refreshingly adorable products that can be grabbed at the cheapest prices! Although more famous for their physical retail stores, Target has also made a name for their brand online. 

    Find new products with the best deals in their e-commerce site and even score some great items at $15 (approx. Php 721.13) and under! 
  4. Etsy
    If you’re an artisan by heart, you’re going to love Etsy! This shopping site is like heaven for craft enthusiasts, where you can find anything and everything handmade! Sustainability is the name of the game for this platform, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for eco-friendly solutions. 

    Etsy is also the best place where you can find handmade items that aren’t sold in the Philippines yet — which means it’s an opportunity for you to kickstart your own small business this year! 
  5. Walmart
    Another big name in the U.S. e-commerce tidal, Walmart offers millions of new products at fair price points daily. Their motto: to help you save money and live better. Everyday, new deals go live on Walmart’s e-commerce platform, so you’ll want to keep your eye out! 

    Walmart also offers targeted services for businesses, gift giving, health, etc. They also have very flexible payment methods and product warranties. 
  6. Home Depot
    They say that home is where the heart is, so doesn’t that mean you should be investing in your home to ensure comfortable, luxurious, and happy living? That sounds about right! 

    Luckily, there’s Home Depot where you can get high-quality and innovative household products you will love. The site offers innovative and refreshing household items daily! 
    If you’re familiar with surplus shops here in the Philippines, that’s kind of like how works in the U.S. Except in this shopping site, you get more than just clothes. They also have a ton of different items for sale, along the lines of home improvement products, furniture, health and beauty items, and more. 

    We hope you’re ready to get your shopping on and to grab the best daily deals from these top US shopping sites! 

    If you’re worried about shipping, you’ll be happy to hear that with Johnny Air Plus, shipping from the U.S. to the Philippines is stress-free! Visit our website to learn more about how to ship and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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