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Buy More, Save More: Why You Should Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk may present a huge upfront expense, but if you think about it, it actually helps you save more in the long run. Maybe you should consider shopping in bulk and shipping with Johnny Air Plus to allow more savings and less hassle.

For most of us, shopping sprees always have a limit. We’ve always practiced the concept of having a budget — which means that we try to get the best deals and shop less. However, did you know that in many instances, you can save more by buying more? 

Shopping in bulk is one of the most famous saving strategies. When you stock up on goods and supplies, you get the benefits of cheaper per-unit costs, a single shipping expense, and even less hassle as you don’t need to keep going to and from online stores to restock your supplies. This is all the more beneficial for small businesses who ship equipment and SKUs from the US to the Philippines, allowing them to reduce the overhead costs of their company. 

With the emergence of e-commerce shops, shopping in bulk has never been so easy. If you have the capacity to pay an upfront cost for your goods and supplies, you should definitely consider shopping in bulk. Johnny Air Plus, your reliable shipping partner, helps you ship to the Philippines with ease and for a lesser cost! If you’re shipping in bulk, we also have a consolidation service via ice box

Cheaper Per-Unit Costs

Buying in bulk may sound scary because you’re presented with a large upfront cost that you need to pay immediately instead of a lower cost that’s spaced out over a few months. But if you crunch the numbers, bulk purchases give you the benefit of a wholesale price, allowing you to save a few dollars per unit. 

The discount may not seem like much, but think of it this way: if you can save just 10 cents on something that you expect to buy frequently, you can yield $36.50 in savings annually by shopping in bulk. 

One-Time Shipping Fee

Buying your supplies one by one across a span of a few months means needing to pay a separate shipping fee for each transaction. That alone can cost you big! If you buy in bulk, you can enjoy a one-time shipping fee for all your items — which also means fewer trips to e-commerce shops and fewer tendencies to impulse buy. 

For bulk shipping, Johnny Air Plus offers an ice box consolidation service where we supply you with the biggest box to fit all your items. You can send your packages to our U.S. address one by one in a span of 10 days and we’ll help you compile them into one box for one shipping transaction. Ice box consolidation is free. For shipping rates, refer to our FAQs or compute your estimate

Take Advantage of Deals and Sale Events

A smart shopper knows not only where to buy their bulk items, but also when to buy them. U.S. e-commerce stores often drop prices on their merchandise and offer massive deals for bigger savings. You can opt to buy your items in bulk during shopping events or by using discount coupons and promo codes. That way, you don’t only save on the cost per unit, but you also get the added relief of discounts and price drops. 

Shopping in bulk is a common frugal strategy — and for good reason. If you’re considering shopping and shipping in bulk to save money, don’t forget to evaluate your unique situations first. If you have the capacity to pay upfront costs and your business inventory calls for it, then shopping in bulk is worth your time. 

Engage your reliable shipping partner, Johnny Air Plus, to help you ship to the Philippines. Visit and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated. Learn more about how to ship with us on our website.

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