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5 Global Logistics Trends in 2021

Industry trends pertaining to logistics show that players in the industry have to meet the new demands brought about by the new normal. Staying informed will help you make the best decisions for your shipping needs. Read on to learn 5 global logistics trends in 2021. 

With the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic still looming in 2021, several businesses spanning different industries were affected. As we press on amidst these trying times, the challenge now is how well we adapt to the new normal. The logistics industry is among the fields making changes to their processes and goals to give way to the effects of COVID. 

We’ve rounded up the 5 global logistics trends you need to know about so you can make better corporate or personal decisions when you ship to the Philippines

  1. Technology & 5G
    As digital transformation never ceases to break its cycle, it is considered one of the logistics and supply chain trends no entrepreneur should miss out on in 2021. It includes the successful deployment of 5G, despite the global health threat. Technology and 5G help businesses and local retail achieve massive development. 
    The effect of this trend directly hits carrier operations. Cargo can now be equipped with affordable sensors to track the whole shipment process. From the factory floor to the warehouse route, a trusted record of the products can be delivered using only minimal device power. The prime contribution of 5G technology is driverless transportation. 
    Johnny Air Plus, your reliable shipping partner, has equipped technological innovations to allow you to track your parcel — from the moment it was received by our U.S. address to the time it arrives in the Philippines. 

  2. Big Data and Analytics
    Big data can provide businesses, including logistics companies, with actionable information that can play a significant role in improving their services. From improving warehouse productivity and managing performance to efficiently utilizing logistical resources, insights obtained from big data can pave the way to a better method of optimizing logistics operations. 
    With the development and utilization of big data, logistics companies can: 
    • Monitor weather and conditions
    • Manage and track fleet schedules 
    • Optimize routes
    • Plan deliveries 
    Johnny Air Plus adopts a streamlined and effective data gathering progress, which allows us to deliver timely shipments and provide better information to our clients’ inquiries. Learn more about how we can help you ship to the Philippines and provide value to your business or personal endeavors. 

  3. E-commerce Logistics
    The e-commerce industry has been steadily growing and especially boomed in 2020 when the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced online purchasing habits. The logistics industry has direct ties with e-commerce, providing shipping solutions from one country to another. E-commerce logistics are expected to skyrocket their worth to $524.1 billion by 2025.
    Johnny Air Plus provides logistics services for your e-commerce purchases, shipping your packages from the U.S. all the way to the Philippines. During the pandemic, we have seen a spike in e-commerce shipments, paving the way for our growth in this channel.

  4. Commercial Shipments
    Because people were staying at home more due to quarantine regulations, 2020 has seen the emergence of quarantine entrepreneurs. To source their supplies and products, these business owners have also relied on e-commerce platforms or overseas suppliers.
    As quarantine regulations tighten once again, commercial shipments are expected to take off on a larger scale in 2021. Johnny Air Plus’ shipping services are also extended to cater to businesses. Entrepreneurs can ship to the Philippines with us via air or ocean freight. Learn more about our corporate services on our website or reach out to us at

  5. Sustainability & Safety
    The long-running challenge to switch to more sustainable shipping options is still making its presence known in 2021. Several logistics providers from around the world are now exploring different initiatives to reduce carbon emission in their air and ocean freight as well as pinpoint a more sustainable logistics route. 
    This puts more pressure on logistics companies and shipping partners to explore and adopt more sustainable solutions to their existing processes. 
    Further, due to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, logistics carriers are expected to implement a higher standard of care when handling packages. Contactless delivery options must be provided and efforts to regularly disinfect packages are a must to minimize the spread of the virus. 

Johnny Air Plus has safety measures in place that allow us to handle your packages with more care. We ensure not only the good condition of your cargo, but also the health and safety of our clients through careful handling and the regular disinfection of all packages and Johnny Air Plus warehouses and offices. 

Global logistics trends serve as a guide for entrepreneurs, businesses, and end-users. For the logistics industry, these technological developments, along with freight demands reveal that 2021 holds growth and expansion opportunities. 

However, with the threat of the pandemic still very much imminent, logistics providers need to up their game and stay ahead of the rapid changes in global logistics to reduce the impact on their competitiveness and position in the logistics industry. 

Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get more updates on the logistics industry, shopping events, and more. If you want to ship cargo to the Philippines, learn more about how to ship with us through our website. 

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