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Black Friday 2021: Early Deals to Shop Now and More Sales to Expect

Black Friday 2021 is right around the corner. As early as now, there are bargains that you can grab on tech, appliances, and TVs! Shop these early Black Friday deals and keep a close eye out for more discounts to expect on this year’s massive sale event. 

It’s now October, which means that we’re a little closer to a much-awaited annual sale event: Black Friday! A complete 24 hours dedicated to huge deals, steep discounts, and overflowing promo codes, people all around the world are anticipating filling their carts and grabbing tech, appliances, and other merchandise from their favorite retailers. 

This year, Black Friday falls on the 26th of November. But as usual, we start seeing deals popping up left and right as early as the second week of October. Because we can’t wait for Black Friday any longer (and we’re sure you can’t either), we rounded up the early deals that you can score today and give you a sneak peek of more discounts that will launch in the weeks leading up to Black Friday 2021. 

Early Black Friday Deals 

  1. Apple AirPods Pro | Now only $179.00 from $249.00 on Amazon 
    If you’ve always wanted to get a pair of AirPods, now is your chance to do so and save big! Save $70 on this early Black Friday deal and own one of Apple’s best-selling merchandise. The AirPods Pro features active noise cancellation, transparency mode, customizable fit, water resistance, and wireless charging! 
  2. LG C1 OLED TV | Now only $1,796.00 from $2,499.99 on Amazon
    Improve entertainment like never before with the C1 OLED TV from LG. Coming with an OLED display of over 8 million pixels, automatic picture and sound adjustment, and built-in Alexa technology, this early Black Friday deal can upscale your home cinema experience — at a discounted price! 
  3. Instant Pot Duo Mini | Now only $66.32 from $99.99 on Walmart 
    The holiday season is fast approaching, and you’re probably already gearing up for noche buena with your big family! Get a reliable kitchen companion for cheap with the Instant Pot Duo Mini. Functioning as seven appliances in one, this appliance will make for healthy, flavorful, and quick meals for you and your loved ones. 

    Make sure to browse your favorite e-commerce site for more early bargains. Amazon is offering merchandise that spans appliances, clothing, and tech at record-low prices daily!

Black Friday Deals to Expect

Black Friday is still weeks away — but that doesn’t have to be bad news. It only means you’ve got more deals to look forward to! In the weeks leading up to November 26, retailers are expected to start dropping prices and launching discounts and promo codes. Here are some exciting bargains that you should keep a close eye out for: 

  • Amazon – Daily deals on various item categories, from appliances, home tools and decor, tech, clothing, and more. 
  • Dell – Best-selling laptops drop up to $250 in selling price. 
  • Home Depot – Big deals on appliances, furniture, and tools. 
  • Kohl’s – Discounts on clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. 
  • Lowe’s – Get appliances from big brands at prices as low as $99. 
  • Overstock – Furniture, appliances, and home decor items will be offered at 70% off. 
  • Target – Deals on clothing, tech, and furniture.
  • Walmart – Laptops, kitchen, appliances, TVs, and more drop prices. 

With all these deals from retailers, Black Friday 2021 is a much-anticipated sale event! Don’t miss out on these bargains and get tech, appliances, and more at record-low prices. Keep your eyes peeled from now and through the weeks leading up to November 26! 

Happy Black Friday and enjoy adding items to your cart! Ship to the Philippines with Johnny Air Plus! For more information on how to ship with us, visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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