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Beat the Holiday Rush and Save Big With These Holiday Deals

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s high time to start shopping for gifts! Start your Christmas shopping as early as now to beat the holiday rush and save big. We found early holiday deals for you to grab, including 21 gifts for your whole family! 

December is the busiest time of year, with shoppers flocking retail stores and online shopping carts flooding with orders for the gift-giving season. While part of the holiday spirit is the Christmas shopping rush, it can be a stressful activity, especially if you procrastinate and leave it out until the weekend before Christmas Eve!

Luckily, there’s a way you can avoid the Christmas rush this year: by shopping for your gifts as early as now! Your favorite e-commerce shops are on board, with several of them dropping prices on gift-worthy merchandise this week. So not only can you enjoy a relaxed and advanced online Christmas shopping spree, but you also get to save big with holiday deals. 

We’re giving you a headstart on your Christmas shopping. Here are 21 Christmas gift deals you can shop at low prices right now.

Gifts for Grandparents  

The best gifts that you can give your grandparents are items that will help them live a comfortable life. Luckily, there are various things and gadgets that can elevate their living and make their daily routines a little easier. We’ve found pans, throw blankets and robot vacuums on sale that are perfect to give your beloved grandpa and grandma. 

Gifts for Parents 

It’s high time to spoil your parents and give back to them for all that they’ve done for you! Your parents deserve a little bit of a splurge. So you can level up your gifts for them this year, here are some high-end tech gadgets for the home that mom and dad will surely love. 

Gifts for Brother

For the boys of the family, the best gifts they can receive are shiny new gadgets they can tinker around with! We’ve found some super cool gifts for your brother, including a LEGO Nintendo Switch for the brother who likes gaming, a streaming media player for the brother who streams his gameplay, and a laptop for his online classes or work from home setup. 

Gifts for Sister 

Is your sister the crafty kind who likes to play around with different materials and has an artistic and creative hobby? Get her a Cricut maker that will help elevate her favorite past-time. Is she the kind to practice self-care and take time to relax and unwind? She’ll love this oversized plush throw that will keep her warm. Does she love to mix and match outfits and have a keen eye for fashion? Here’s a cropped pullover she’ll be excited to wear on your family get-togethers! 

Gifts for Partner

You’ve probably said this before — but your partner deserves the world. While you can’t physically pull the earth from the sky and hand it over to them, you can give them the second best thing — gadgets! The latest tech is up for grabs at cheap prices, from Amazon’s Echo to the Apple Watch SE! 

Gifts for Kids 

Kids jump for joy at the sight of new toys, and we just found the perfect gifts for children this Christmas! From a 3-story Barbie dollhouse for your daughter, little sister, or niece, to a LEGO building kit for your son, little brother, or nephew, several toys are now on sale just in time for your holiday shopping. 

Gifts for Friends

They say that the best gift you can give is your friendship, but it never hurts to treat your friends to awesome gifts on Christmas. We found the perfect gifts for your friends on sale right now, including a sweater, throw blanket, and gaming headset! 

Start your Christmas shopping as early as now and grab these holiday deals from your favorite e-commerce stores! Ship to the Philippines with Johnny Air Plus. Learn more about how to ship with us on our website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on the latest sales events!

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