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Experience hassle-free shopping and shipping from the US to the Philippines with Johnny Air

Experience hassle-free shopping and shipping from the US to the Philippines with Johnny Air

If you love online shopping, then it’s no surprise that you’ve already thought of buying products from overseas, especially items that are not easily available locally like limited edition sneakers, newly released goods from your favorite TV series or some brand new merchandise from international celebrities that you really love.

Ordering products from another country like the U.S. sounds fun when it’s now possible with only a few clicks away, but sometimes, people tend to postpone the process because of the lack of knowledge in international shipping along with complicated instructions to complete a transaction. They also tend to be skeptical about unexpected fees that would potentially raise their total bill.

However, despite that, there are still loads of people out there who love online shopping and are making the effort to understand the how-to’s to make their buying experience more enjoyable. That must include you, who is reading this right now, because you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t willing to learn.

How do we start? Follow these 4 easy steps: 

  1. Create a Johnny Air account
    Yes, we know that seeing you have to make an account before you can shop is a total buzzkill, even if it’s for free, but hey, there can be an advantage to it. As soon as you’re done, there’s no limit to when you can shop and ship your orders using Johnny Air. How cool is that! 
    Click this link to register.

  2. Shop from any U.S. store or website
    Now that you’ve created your Johnny Air account, you can finally start shopping in any of your favorite U.S. online stores or websites! Go on that shopping galore and try visiting some of the famous stores people usually buy from such as Amazon, eBay, Sephora, Target, Walmart, etc.  

  3. Ship to Johnny Air’s U.S. address
    After finalizing your purchases and getting ready for check out, the next step is to indicate the shipping address. Since we have branches all over the U.S., use the addresses listed below for each respective office location:

    New York:
    69-04 Roosevelt Avenue
    Woodside, NY 11377
    (718) 371 9870 

    New Jersey:
    627 Suite E
    Summit Avenue
    Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (718) 371 9870 
    Note to the seller: Advice the courier not to leave the packages in the mailing room

    San Francisco:
    #55 Saint Francis Square
    Daly City, CA 94015
    (650) 991 7080 

    Los Angeles:
    153 South Vermont Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90004
    (213) 386 7080 

    All packages must be delivered directly to any of the US addresses indicated above with signed proof of receipt. No claims for loss or damage will be honored if not delivered directly to the aforementioned offices.

    Transit time of shipping from the U.S. to the Philippines is 5 to 7 days (off-peak season) or 7 to 10 days (peak season). Note that there will be a 2 to 3 day additional transit period if shipped to the New Jersey office.

  4. Track your package
    Once your parcel is shipped, the excitement begins! You can confirm your order and tracking number through our email at just to be sure that all the details are correct and it’s truly yours. Place your tracking number here so you can keep an eye on your item’s delivery status and anticipate when it’s coming.

    At last, your holy package arrives in the Philippines! Upon touchdown, you will soon receive an SMS or email notification that it is ready for claim or delivery. Delivery options available nationwide are branch pick-up and door-to-door delivery. 

    As for the shipping cost, Johnny Air is all about convenience. Payment may be done in cash or through MasterCard or VISA upon pick-up or delivery. 

    Johnny Air’s shipping services are available for personal and corporate businesses and can accommodate orders from the U.S. to the Philippines or vice versa via air freight or ocean freight. Shopping multiple items in multiple websites is also possible with Johnny Air’s icebox consolidation option. Learn more about it here.

    Shopping overseas doesn’t have to be troublesome. Visit our website to learn more about our shipping services and stay updated with all things Johnny Air by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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