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Author: Kuya Johnny

The ABCs of Seamless Shopping & Shipping from US to Philippines

Here’s a complete guide for a stress-free overall shopping and shipping experience! Find Johnny Air Plus surprises here to help with your USA to PH shipping needs.  As we do not want to control how you do your shopping but instead, just guide you so your whole experience will become a memorable one (in a […]

Top 5 Excellent Insider Tricks for Shopping & Shipping from US Online Stores

Become a shopping & shipping expert by taking these strategies into practice! Click here for tips & tricks for shopping and shipping from US to Philippines.  Previously, we have discussed the basics when it comes to shopping and shipping from US to Philippines. However, on this blog, we will be exploring further tips & tricks […]

How to Use the Updated Package Tracker of Johnny Air Plus

Here we will be providing an easy to follow step-by-step guide on how you can maximize the made-more-efficient tracker of the most trusted courier for everyone’s US to Philippines shipping needs.  As Johnny Air Plus is ever committed to fulfilling its promise of convenience and efficiency to its clients, the trusted shipping company has now […]

Top Sites for Coupon Codes and Promotional Offers

1. Amazon Coupons Although Amazon coupons are only limited with items purchased in Amazon (for obvious reasons), this can be a big deal especially when there’s something you’ve been eyeing on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Disclaimer: Some coupons are designated for Amazon Prime members only. 2. Brad’s Deals Operating for almost two decades […]

Here’s Why You Should Choose Johnny Air Plus for US Shipping to Philippines

Shipping to Philippines for Filipinos in the US With the estimated four (4) million Filipinos currently residing in America—it is common knowledge that most of them have their loved ones left in the Philippines.Hence, as a means of sending their love to these most treasured family members and friends, aside from depending on money transfer […]

Top Online Shopping Sites in US

Shopping online is no longer just a trend, it’s now, indeed, a part of people’s lifestyle. In fact, 76% of U.S. consumers shop online and it is projected to grow from 271.1 million in 2019 up to 300 million by 2023. There’s no wonder how online stores became the Wikipedia of shopaholics as it doesn’t […]

Online Shopping Tips You Need to Know

Online shopping is definitely at its peak as more and more brands are investing into having their own e-commerce sites or getting their products on online retail websites like Ebay and Amazon. With convenience at its topmost benefit, online shopping saves you from the hassle of going out and braving the Metro’s traffic, to long […]

Awesome Christmas Gifts You Can Buy in the US

The holiday season is just around the corner and everybody’s about to get busy soon especially with gift shopping. You want your gift to be unique and a symbol of love to show how special these people are in your life. But with all the amazing products that came out this year, it’s so difficult […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Shop From the US

Living in a third-world country really does come with disadvantages. And I am not only talking about technology, poverty, and political issues,  I am also referring to the inconvenience of shopping! Here are 5 reasons why you should skip the traditional shopping basket when buying imported goods, and opt for an online cart straight from […]