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January Online Shopping Sales to Keep An Eye Out For

It’s a new year, which means new exciting shopping sales to look forward to! Here are the important dates to mark on your calendars this January! Don’t miss out on great deals on new trending items, and ship with Johnny Air Plus for stress-free and easy shipping! A new year means new surprises from your […]

Top Seven U.S. Shopping Sites You Should Be Browsing Now!

Great products and good deals are flooding these U.S. shopping sites. Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest trending items at the lowest prices! Browse the top seven U.S. shopping sites now and partner up with Johnny Air Plus to ship from the U.S. to the Philippines!  Since the boom of e-commerce, numerous […]

The Best US Sites to Score Great Deals This Holiday Season

Looking to do your Christmas shopping online? There’s no better place for great deals and discounts than US e-commerce sites! Here are the best sites where you can score amazing deals this holiday season. When it comes to shopping sprees, there’s no better place for awesome deals and great products than the US! Luckily, there’s […]

Boxing Day: A Major Shopping Extravaganza

The Christmas joys don’t end on December 25. You still have another holiday to celebrate — the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is a major shopping extravaganza all around the globe. Here’s what you can expect, plus some of the best Boxing Day deals in the continental US. Just when you thought Christmas was over, […]

Tech Guide: What You Need to Know About Buying Electronics Overseas

Looking into buying a new gadget or upgrading your home electronics? Let us help you score the best buys and deals with this ultimate guide to buying electronics overseas. Take heed of these tips to ensure better and more informed purchasing decisions to further enjoy your US shopping experience.  When it comes to electronics, purchasing […]

Cyber Monday 2020: The Best Electronic and Tech Deals Online

Cyber Monday 2020 is just around the corner, one of the biggest shopping events is coming your way this November 30! Score the best deals and bag huge discounts on the best electronics and tech products overseas including apple products, smart home technology, workstation equipment, and more. Cyber Monday 2020 is your ultimate excuse to […]

Black Friday 2020: Awesome Deals You Can’t Miss

Find the best Black Friday 2020 deals here and partake in the most exciting shopping spree of the year! Our list includes all the best deals that you absolutely cannot miss from gadgets, makeup, to appliances, TV sets, and more! Black Friday is drawing near, and we all know what that means — amazing discounts […]

5 Best Budget Laptops (Under $500) You Can Buy Easily from the U.S.

Looking for the best budget laptops that can deliver just the performance you need for work or online class? Shop and ship from U.S. to Philippines only with Johnny Air Plus to score the biggest of savings! Is it your first time purchasing a laptop? Are you trying to replace your old laptop that’s more […]

Work-from-home (WFH) Pack Deals on Amazon this November 2020

From low budget to high-end work from home devices and accessories, we’ve got you! Overcome the challenges of this new working setup by personalizing your workspace and giving it just the right boost it needs.  Improve your working space from average to high-performing with these WFH deals we handpicked for you! Here we have listed […]

Best Smart Home Device Deals for Last Quarter of 2020

Level up your home to smart living space with these top-rated, best-selling smart home devices for the last quarter of 2020! Make your daily living easier with the most advanced technologies such as Alexa.  Wondering how you can have a smart home that’s both efficient and cost-effective? Allow us to show you how to upgrade […]