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5 Global Logistics Trends in 2021

Industry trends pertaining to logistics show that players in the industry have to meet the new demands brought about by the new normal. Staying informed will help you make the best decisions for your shipping needs. Read on to learn 5 global logistics trends in 2021.  With the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic still looming […]

Spring Sale: Tech and Fashion Deals You Need to Grab Right Now

There’s so much to love about Spring, especially the remarkable deals and discounts you can find during shopping extravaganzas! Tech and fashion items drop prices this April to May, so fill up your cart with these Spring Deals and ship to the Philippines with Johnny Air Plus!  Ah, spring — it’s the season of flowers, […]

Top Seven St. Patrick Deals You Shouldn’t Miss

St. Patrick’s Day 2021 is drawing closer. Are you prepared for this major shopping event? We rounded up the top seven St. Patrick’s Day deals you shouldn’t miss. Get the best prices on clothing, home and living equipment, tech and gadgets, beauty, lifestyle, and more. Shop now and ship to the Philippines with Johnny Air […]

Tech Alert: Hottest Pi Day Gaming and Gadget Deals

Pi Day 2021 was celebrated last March 14, but luckily, e-commerce sites still have their prices dropped and you can still scour the web for great deals on gaming equipment and gadgets! Shop for laptops, tablets, tv sets, gaming consoles, and more, and ship with your reliable shipping partner, Johnny Air Plus.  Pi Day is […]

Buy More, Save More: Why You Should Shop in Bulk

Shopping in bulk may present a huge upfront expense, but if you think about it, it actually helps you save more in the long run. Maybe you should consider shopping in bulk and shipping with Johnny Air Plus to allow more savings and less hassle. For most of us, shopping sprees always have a limit. […]

The Best President’s Day Sales You Can’t Miss

President’s Day is coming soon, and you know what that means… great sales and huge discounts you don’t want to miss! President’s Day 2021 has a lot in store for all you avid shoppers! Browse for sales and deals here and ship to the Philippines with Johnny Air Plus!  There’s been a lot of talk […]

January Online Shopping Sales to Keep An Eye Out For

It’s a new year, which means new exciting shopping sales to look forward to! Here are the important dates to mark on your calendars this January! Don’t miss out on great deals on new trending items, and ship with Johnny Air Plus for stress-free and easy shipping! A new year means new surprises from your […]

Top Seven U.S. Shopping Sites You Should Be Browsing Now!

Great products and good deals are flooding these U.S. shopping sites. Make sure you don’t miss out on the latest trending items at the lowest prices! Browse the top seven U.S. shopping sites now and partner up with Johnny Air Plus to ship from the U.S. to the Philippines!  Since the boom of e-commerce, numerous […]

The Best US Sites to Score Great Deals This Holiday Season

Looking to do your Christmas shopping online? There’s no better place for great deals and discounts than US e-commerce sites! Here are the best sites where you can score amazing deals this holiday season. When it comes to shopping sprees, there’s no better place for awesome deals and great products than the US! Luckily, there’s […]

Boxing Day: A Major Shopping Extravaganza

The Christmas joys don’t end on December 25. You still have another holiday to celebrate — the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is a major shopping extravaganza all around the globe. Here’s what you can expect, plus some of the best Boxing Day deals in the continental US. Just when you thought Christmas was over, […]