IATA RATE 1 USD = 53.17 Php as of SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

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With the prevalence of digital shopping platforms from e-commerce websites to apps, it’s no surprise that more and more Filipinos are turning online for their purchases. In fact, a study conducted by PayPal and Ipsos estimated that the total online spend of Filipinos will hit PHP 121.9 billion in 2018, a 32% increase from an […]

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There’s no doubt that our mothers deserve only the best this Mother’s Day! While most would assume that it’s easy to find a gift for our moms, it can also be tough as we know that they can sometimes be picky and we would also like to give the best and most memorable gift for […]

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Save Time and Money Through Consolidated Shipment

Consolidated Shipping is a method where a consolidator combines multiple LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments from various shippers into one full container. When the shipment reaches its destination, they are then deconsolidated and distributed to their own delivery schedules. This method is a great alternative for shippers that are often sending partial or shipments […]

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Most Common Causes of Delay in Shipment

It is obvious that there are numerous packages being delivered each day. Though there are many automation machines and processes involved in the industry of shipping, there are still complications and mistakes that can affect the delivery of the packages. One of the many cases of these complications is having delayed deliveries. There are many […]

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Cool Summer Items You Can Buy Online

Summertime is slowly rolling in and you’d be lying if you say that you’re not thinking about your next beach trip right now. Everybody loves the summer season, weather you’re going to the nearest beach or going up the cold mountains to hike, there’s a lot of summer activities in-store for you this season.   […]

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You Shop, We Ship

  1. Use any of our US office as your shipping address.
  2. Send order details and assigned tracking numbers from suppliers to info@johnnyairplus.com.
  3. SMS (text messages) are sent once package/s are ready for pick-up (Makati Head Office or Megamall branch).


IATA RATE 1 USD = 53.17 Php as of SEPTEMBER 13, 2019